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Ideas for 2014 WWLDAP Events

Here are a couple ideas of events you can have for the 2014 Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Protest. Just remember the point of all of them should be to bring about awareness. The WWDLAP's whole point is to receive recognition for tick borne illnesses. We want the medical establishments to recognize Chronic Lyme and to help fund research.

No matter how big your event is, or how small, it will all matter. Don't take on too much, we know you are all sick.

Feel free to ask questions or add anything you can think of to do as a Lyme Awareness Event in the comment section below.

Lyme Lives Here 

A simple campaign that all our Lyme Friends can participate in.

The point of the Lyme Lives Here Campaign is to make sure every state and every country is represented in the Worldwide Lyme Protest. 

* Put a sign that says, "Lyme Lives Here" in your front yard. Next to it you could also put a place for people to take brochures. 

* Make signs at your local support group and take pictures that say "Our town (name, NY) supports the 2014 World Wide Lyme Awareness Protest" (WWLAP)And then take some photos and send them to Lisa Hilton, the USA World Wide organizer, ( ) " And feel free to add your support group information!

* You can stand outside with a sign for example, on an intersection or at a park, of course don't block obstruct traffic or thru traffic. 

 * Hold up a sign at the mall, school, hospital grounds, or any public place. Check ahead to see if you need permission.

More Information on this campaign at:

Flash Mob Deaths Here's an example of one Lyme patients did at Mayday in DC last year.

Protests You will need to pick a location, apply for a permit, and put togethter a team of volunteers to help you, organize, write a press release, and speak at the event.

Protesters stand outside Chicago's Tribune and WGN Radio Station and onlookers read the signs.

Rallies You will need guest speakers, podiums, microphones, and possible a permit.

Ariana Sierzputowski giving speech at NYC rally - May 10, 2013
Photo: Katherine J. Kornblau-Susskind

Info Booths  You will just need to rent a table at any Flea Market, School educational seminar, or Fairs.
Kermit, Amy, Lynn, and Cindy at their awareness booth at the Flea World Flea Market in Sanford in Fla.

Decorate your town with Green Ribbons! You can put them on mailboxes, trees, or ask for permission to tie them around all the phone poles in your town! Ask local stores to hand them out.
Green Ribbons for Lyme Disease Awareness hung up by Kris Kuipers in South Dakota 2013 WWLDAP

Green Porch Lights Samantha from New Jersey started this a couple years ago and it really took off. Not only can you turn your porch light green but you can get local stores or big building to change their lights to green!

Amy Galbo's block lit up green for her. Read story here.

The RSA Tower in Alabama is the tallest building in the Capitol City. As it is seen from different locations in the downtown area.Photo Credit: Kevin Wolfe

Craft/Bake Sales Hold these in your towns to raise money for Lyme Foundations doing research/support/awareness. At events raise awareness by handing out Lyme Brochures and educational info.
Click Here to order.

Online Campaigns such as Twitter, letter writing, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus, Picture or blog campaigns, writing to celebrities, news stations, newspapers, or anything else you can think of are always a good idea and can get people involved who are home bound and too sick to participate otherwise.
Charitable Organizations
Health Organizations
National Government
News Stations
State Government

Media Contacts by State
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Project started by Charlotte Therese Björnström  from Sweden for the Worldwide Protest 2013Click Here to add your picture.

Do something original If you can't find anyone to help you and you are flying solo or you have a team but want to do something unique, use your imagination and make sure to get lots of pictures! Send them to local newspapers and news stations too. Anything we do that people notice will be a good thing.

Paul Mall and Aimee Primate made a sand tick on Siesta Keys Beach in Fla.

Shantiann Daya decorated her driveway with Lyme Awareness Brochures and signs in Maine last year.

Attention getting displays like this one that Shantiann did will get people's attention.

Organize a Carpool to Dc! As part of the Worldwide and Mayday combining this year, we would like for DC to be our biggest protest this year! So please try to get there this year! To find a carpool in your area, Click Here.

I will add ideas as people come up with more. Anything that raises attention and awareness is a good thing. Please list any more ideas you have in the comments below.

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