Monday, March 24, 2014

Worldwide Lyme Awareness 2014 Billboad Campaign

We are selling tshirts and doing a fundraiser to try to put up as many billboards as we can across the states. It will all depend on how much money we raise to how many we can put up. The goal is to have as many as possible in the major cities of states that are both known to be 'epidemic and states that are not."  The signs will have a "Lyme Lives Here" theme. We are trying to grab the compassion of those who will see the signs, which will be the public, media and medical community alike. So, we are planning on pulling some heart strings of America with these billboards. If you have a picture of video of your child, yourself or a family member with Lyme Disease please send it to the Worldwide Dropbox

Here is an example of billboards that have been put up before.

The Wisconsin Lyme Network nonprofit organization just launched a Lyme Awareness Campaign and placed 5 poster billboards up in South eastern WI. This one is located on Capital Dr. in Pewaukee. More Information at: Wisconsin Lyme Network

This billboard is in Columbia, NC. This was done in May, 2000, for National Lyme Awareness month.
See More Information at: North Carolina Information

As part of Lyme Awareness Month activities, the advocacy group SLAM--Sturbridge Lyme Awareness of Massachusetts--has put up a billboard. More Information at

Several digital billboards were posted in various locations around Atlanta. See More Information at: GALDA

Here is the official Worldwide Lyme Protest US 2014 Shirt. By purchasing this shirt you will be supporting this Billboard Campaign.

Click Here to Purchase Shirt or make a Donation

If you would just like to make a small donation to us click this button below.

The proceeds from any of these items will be used for the Worldwide Lyme Protest 2014.

Worldwide Lyme Protest Tshirts
Worldwide Lyme Protest Tshirts by wheresthekarma
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Double Sided Lyme Lives Here Yard Sign

Lyme Lives Here Bumper Stickers
Lyme Lives Here Bumper Stickers
Lyme Lives Here Bumper Stickers by wheresthekarma

Create a one-of-a-kind custom bumper stickers no minimum at Zazzle
Lyme Lives Here Bumper Stickers
Lyme Lives Here Bumper Stickers by wheresthekarma
Browse Lyme Bumper Stickers online at
Worldwide Lyme Protest Mug
Worldwide Lyme Protest Mug by wheresthekarma
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Leave a comment on where you would like to see a billboard and what ideas you have on what should be put on a billboard sign for Lyme Awareness?

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